Four Businesses

Industrial Division

<Pump Products>

Pumps Products, Super Heat Resistant, Super-Precise, Super-Low Temperatures... Leading fluid and special pump technologies to meet diverse demands worldwide

With more than a half-century of expertise and experience in fluid technologies, we continue to pursue new technologies that make it possible to produce better pumps. Areas of interest include non-seal pumps, with integrated construction integrating pump and motor that allow leak-free transport of liquid at 450℃, ecoflow pumps capable of pumping liquid with superb precision and high efficiency, and cryogenic pumps capable of transporting super-low temperature liquid natural gases(LNG) at -164℃ . Our pumps are reliable and stable under the harshest conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, and super-low temperature.

Most of Nikkiso's customers are world-leading petrochemical, energy, and engineering contractors. While responding to the issues faced by each individual client and to overall high-level client needs, Nikkiso also boldly takes on the challenge of developing products capable of handling special conditions.

Renowned for a long history of building up its manufacturing, sales, service, and maintenance structures, Nikkiso is known around the world as a global pump supplier.

Content of Business

Manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and consulting services for pumps and other equipment to protect environment. Seal-less canned motor centrifugal pumps, submerged motor pumps for liquefied gases, seal-less high-accuracy controlled volume pumps, non clog/self-priming centrifugal pumps, high-head high-speed centrifugal pumps and compressors, high pressure pipe connector.

Main Products

Non-seal Pump

The pump and motor are integrated in a seal-less unit, with no shaft seal (i.e., no mechanical seal); this is ideal for liquids that require no-leakage pumping. All units typically come with an "E-Monitor" (electrical bearing monitor) feature, allowing operators to assess at a glance the condition of bearings inside the pump that are not externally visible, and to perform remote monitoring from a central control room. By shifiting from their previous system of time-based maintenance (TBM) to condition-based maintenance (CBM), users can achieve significant savings in maintenance costs.

NIKKISO LEWA ecoflow Pump
(Reciprocating pump)

NIKKISO LEWA Process Diaphragm Pump
(High Flow and High Pressure Diaphragm Pumps)

NIKKISO Cryogenic Submerged Motor Pump

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Precision Equipment Business Division

<Sampling Systems and Chemical Feed Systems>

Nikkiso’s water conditioning technology contributes to the stable supply of electric power, which is essential in modern society, as well as to the issue resolution of water environment.

Half a century has passed since Nikkiso developed the first boiler water treatment systems in Japan.

Ever since, we have continued to contribute to the stable supply of electric power, which is essential in modern society, through automated water conditioning systems for power plants, automatic boiler control systems, and such.

We utilize the advanced know-how and system application technologies for water treatment which we have built up during that time, which are of help in solving various kinds of water environment issues through effluent treatment systems and various testing devices including water conditioning systems for power plants.

We respond consistently to customer needs, ranging from engineering to device production, quality control, and services, through our unique technologies and product manufacturing.

Content of Business

Manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance, and consulting service for water conditioning systems for power plants, Custom-designed chromatography systems, effluent treatment systems, various analyzing devices and software, and various testing devices.

Main Products

Steam/Water Sampling System

On-line Ion Chromatography

Testing Machine

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<Particle Analytical Equipment and Electronic Components Production System>

From R&D through production and quality control, we are supporting our customers to resolve any kind of obstacles with our cutting-edge original technologies.

The Nikkiso Group plays a key role from R&D through production and quality control our customers in ever-changing industries such as electronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology, all of which are essential to our daily lives on global basis.

For instance, our Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, Specific Surface Area/Pore Size Distribution Analyzer with world-class gas adsorption technology and Image Analyzer with original 3D technology make Nano-order measurement of various particles to be utilized as raw materials for processed foods, secondary batteries, highly-functional pigments and biotechnology, etc. and are indispensable to R&D, production control and quality improvement.

Multi-layer ceramic electronic components are used for smart-phone, tablet and personal computers to downsize and improve performance. Our full-line of multi-layer ceramic electronic components production equipment represented by “Warm Isostatic Laminator” is de-facto standard in Japan.

Content of Business

R&D, manufacturing, sale, installation, maintenance and consulting of a series of devices and equipment contributing to various fields of core and cutting-edge industries such as measurement devices for particle characterization and warm isostatic laminators and stacking machines.

Main Products

Particle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer "Microtrac, Nanotrac Series"
This analyzer utilizes lasers to measure the size of particles. A full lineup of devices is available, implementing sophisticated laser technology to cover the entire range from nanometer (1 billionth of a meter) order to centimeter order. Microtrac particle analyzers are used for research and development, as well as quality control, in a wide range of areas, including chemicals, food products, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and biotechnology.

3D Particle Size
and Shape Analyze

"Microtrac Part An"

Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution Analyzer

Electronic Components Production System
"Warm Isostatic Laminator"

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Aerospace Division

Strength, Light Weight, Durability… We are ready to meet the highly complex demands of aircraft manufacturers,with our original technologies to fully utilize the advantage of CFRP.

Cascades are the components of the thrust reversers provided for commercial aircraft to control engine airflow during landing. Approximately a quarter of a century ago, the Aerospace Division produced the first cascades made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). Using CFRP cascades, we were able to reduce the component weight by two-thirds without compromising the strength and durability previously provided by metal, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

Nowadays, Nikkiso composite cascades have gained worldwide recognition for superb qualities in advanced design, analysis, curing, manufacturing techniques, and quality control. The majority of commercial aircraft manufacturers choose our products, including Boeing and Airbus.
Other than cascades, our CFRP products have also been applied to the main wings in components like ailerons (wing flaps) and shrouds (wing covers).
Furthermore, Nikkiso is expanding their product line range within the commercial aircraft component field, such as the Blocker Doors and Torque Boxes for thrust reversers. To support this growing business, Nikkiso has also established a subsidiary company in Vietnam (Nikkiso Vietnam Inc. (NVI)) to produce high quality products with a competitive price.

In the space industry, our products are used to build satellite components. In addition, our technologies are applied to the general industries, such as components used in liquid crystal panel manufacturing.

With our technologies and manufacturing knowledge acquired in our work with the aerospace industry, we hope to support our customer to expand the sphere of possibility.

Content of Business

Manufacture, sales, and consulting for carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) products, such as aircraft, space and satellite components.

Main Products

Cascades for Thrust reverser
Thrust reversers are attached to the engines of commercial jet liners to control the engine airflow while landing. Cascades are built in the thrust reverser working as airflow deflectors. Nikkiso was the first in the world to develop these cascades in CFRP and manufacture them on the commercial basis successfully, responding to the demand of aircraft industry for stronger yet lighter components. Since Nikkiso's success, its CFRP made cascades have been accepted in the aircraft industry as a“de facto”standard of the thrust reverser cascades.



Blocker Door for Thrust reverser

Torque Box

Industrial Products

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Medical Division

Our sophisticated technologies and fine maintenance systems offer reliability and trust. Our goal as a total dialysis manufacturer is to improve patient QOL.

As the pioneer of hemodialysis machine in Japan, the Medical Division continues to improve dialysis medical care and patient QOL.
A state-of-the-art computerized hemodialysis machine, data communication system, powder dialysate, powder dialysate dissolving device, and a multi-patient dialysate supply system were all developed to allow medical professionals to reduce workload and spend more time on patient care.
Furthermore, Nikkiso works to develop and securely supply disposable products (and supplies) such as dialyzer that uses Nikkiso original PEPA membranes and blood tubing lines standardized for easier use.

We take "pride and responsibility" for our business, which involves human lives. A reliable after-sales service system is provided for our products, since they are used in the medical field where mistakes are not tolerated.
In addition to engineer developing in Nikkiso Group, we provide customers with preliminary services and latest instruction courses.

Our goal as a comprehensive manufacturer of dialysis products is to build and maintain the trust, relief and reliability of our customers, and to provide comfortable treatment environment for people who need dialysis.

Main Products

Dialysis machine
Nikkiso's machines are developed to support medical staffs and patients with features for safety and user-friendly interface based on time-proven original pump technology and long-term market experience.






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