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  • Pumps

    Industrial pumps such as non-seal pumps, metering pumps, and cryogenic pumps

  • Sampling Systems and 
Chemical Feed Systems

    Sampling systems, chemical dosing systems, analytical instrumentation, sample conditioning components, process analyzers for power generation plants.

  • Particle characterization

    Devices to analyze size distribution or zeta potential of particles

    MicrotracBEL Corp.

    Microtrac, Inc

  • Equipment for Electronic Components

    Electronic component-related equipment, High pressure, Isostatic pressure equipment

  • Aerospace Composite Products

    CFRP composite products such as components for aircraft thrust reversers

  • Medical Equipment

    Hemodialysis machine and related devices, dialyzers, blood tubing sets, hemodialysis communication systems, blood glucose controller, etc.

  • Deep UV-LEDs

    Wavelength : 255-350nm

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