For patients and medical professionals who need more treatment options, highly functional and value enhanced model DBB-05 is available.

Simple and tough, but fulfill expectations of operator and patient by stable performance and solicitous measures for safety.

Performance ( * Optional function)

  • Blood volume monitor *
  • Kt/V calculation
  • HDF, HD, HF, On-line HDF *, AFBF *
  • Double pump single needle or single pump click-clack *
  • Central concentrate supply *
  • Network connection *
  • Blood pressure monitor *

User friendly interface

  • Patient profile up to 16 patients
  • Graphic indication of important parameters
  • Profiles for UF, total, bicarbonate conductivity


  • Monitoring function for pumps and valves
  • Dialysate filter unit for clean dialysate

Easy maintenance

  • Flow diagram screen to check behavior of each section in piping
  • Machine and treatment history data


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