The compact design offers comfort to the patient during a treatment.
The 12.1-inch color LCD touch screen provides an user friendly interface with useful status icons.

Performance ( * Optional function)

  • Single pump single needle (Click-clack)
  • UF/Conductivity profile
  • Dialysate filter
  • Concentrate nozzle rinse*
  • Blood pressure monitor *
  • Network connection
  • Blood volume monitor*
  • Dialyzer inlet blood pressure*
  • Sodium Infuser*

User Friendly Interface

  • Treatment settings data can be stored for up to 16 patients, eliminating the need to input data every time
  • Large graphic display for easy operation


  • Continuous monitoring of pumps and valves during treatment
  • Self test of extracorporeal blood circuit, hydraulic circuit, and CPU system before starting treatment
  • Detectors for blood, air bubble, and blood tubing lines

Easy Maintenance

  • Flow diagram for checking the function of each part of the hydraulic circuit
  • Machine and treatment history data


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