NIKKISO NON-SEAL Pump (Canned moter pump) Click here for details on Non-Seal pump.

NIKKISO NON-SEAL Pump (Canned motor pump)

Seal-less pump best suited for use with high-temperature or hazardous fluids, and in vacuum processes. Available in a broad lineup, this pump is suited for a range of applications.

Reciprocating Pump

Reciprocating pump for supplying fluids to processes with high precision. Available in various models such as diaphragm types, which ensure no leakage, and above-ground types. This series covers a broad range of pump discharge pressures.

NIKKISO Cryogenic Submerged Motor Pump

Pump for transporting cryogenic liquefied gases such as LNG and LPG. Available in different models such as those installed in storage tanks, out of which the pump can be pulled, one installed in separate pots, and a fixed type installed in tankers.

System Engineering

  • Metering and Mixing Systems
  • Odourizing systems

Small Pumps (Nikkiso Eiko products)

Click here for small pumps from Nikkiso Eiko Co., Ltd.


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