Basic Structure


Nikkiso's non-seal pumps have no shaft seals; the canned motor and pump are integrated into one housing.
The stator has a two-layer structure, consisting of the stator liner, stator band, and extremely tight terminal plate, allowing for a higher degree of safety. With the pressure raised by the impeller, the liquid is sent to the discharge side. Some of the liquid is also sent to the motor to lubricate bearings and cool the motor, then it is returned to the suction side through the vents on the shaft (regular model).

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Use of Automatic Thrust Balance

The impeller is an independent part where the forward and backward forces are balanced depending on the hydrodynamic action of the fixed and variable holes at the back of the impeller. Long bearing life is achieved because axial thrust balance is maintained in a broad range of operations.

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E Monitor (bearing monitor)

The E monitor comes with the following outstanding features:

  • detects wear in the axial thrust direction and indicates the degree of wear using LED lights
  • detects wear in the axial rotation direction and indicates the degree of wear using LED lights
  • detects reverse rotation of the motor and indicates an abnormal event using LED lights
  • can be remotely controlled (optional)

E Monitor Detection Principle

When a bearing wears out, the rotor moves slightly in the radial or axial (thrust) direction. The distance moved by the rotor is measured by eight search coils embedded in the stator to accurately detect bearing wear in all directions.


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