Installation example

100% leak-proof, the Nikkiso Non-Seal Pump (canned motor pump) is ideal for transporting hazardous fluids that can cause serious accidents when leaks occur.


  • Send out (discharge) pump
  • Filling pump

Heat medium transportation

  • Heat medium circulation pump

Since the 400°C heat-resistant motor requires no external cooling using a jacket, none of the heat from the heat medium is lost. The heat generated by the motor is also returned to the heat medium for efficient energy use.

Liquefied gas

  • LPG send-out pump
  • Filling pump
  • Truck-mounted pump


  • Multi-stage pump
  • RO pump

Ideal for use at plants manufacturing pure semiconductor components, particularly areas that should not be exposed to impurities as well as negative-pressure de-airing lines.


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