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Research and Development creating a wealth of technologies.

In the Industrial Division, our staff conducts research and development work on a wide range of equipment, including fluid equipment, analyzers, high pressure devices, and water conditioning equipment, as well as the hardware and software for systems incorporating these apparatuses and composite materials.

The Industrial Division is also engaged in a broad range of development

Work, including the development of "intelligent" seal-less canned motor centrifugal pumps, high accuracy/pulsation-free metering pumps indispensable to the fine chemical industry, isostatic pressing units for laminated electronic components (e.g., warm laminate systems for pressure molding of products from all sides), online ion chromatography for continuous monitoring of water quality, and CFRP composite thrust reverser cascade for commercial airplanes.
Nikkiso is also working on a micro-electro-mechanical system, etc.

The Medical Division focuses on medical equipment, including artificial organs and electronic apparatuses.

Nikkiso has invested considerable resources in the development of advanced medical treatments and improving patient quality of life, developing artificial kidneys and pancreases, cardiopulmonary bypass pumps, and polymer alloy membrane.

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