Corporate Governance

As a member of society, we maintain social ethics and a set of values that are sound; obeys laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation and social mores; and work to build close ties with its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees and their families, business partners and creditors. At the same time, we uphold the corporate philosophy of providing our unique technology to contribute to fields that form the bedrock of our lives such as the various industries that handle fluids, including the crude oil, natural gas, aerospace and medical dialysis industries in a creative manner, in an effort to improve people's quality of life, with the aim of achieving the sustainable growth of Nikkiso Group, as well as a medium- to long-term enhancement of our corporate value.

We recognize that ensuring transparent and fair decision-making as a Company with its Audit & Supervisory Board, as well as realizing our corporate philosophy through prompt and decisive decision-making form the very essence of our envisioned corporate governance, and thus we work to establish corporate governance best suited for our current stage of development.