Since our founding,
we have been operating
a wide range of businesses
with an eye to making
a difference in the world.

1953 December Special Pump Co., Ltd. established.
1954 January Company launches sales of Milton Roy pumps (metering pumps) as exclusive Japanese dealer for Milton Roy Company, USA.
1955 January Exclusive dealer agreement signed with Chem Pump Corporation, USA; sales of chempumps (canned motor pumps) begin.
April Company obtains a license for technology used for Milton Roy pumps.
1956 May

Company builds headquarters and plant in Toyosawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

November Company obtains a license for technology used to build Chem Pump Corporation's chempumps.
1959 October Company renamed Nippon Kikai Keiso Kaisha Ltd.
1960 July Company provides Japan's first artificial heart to the Kimoto Surgical Department at the University of Tokyo.
November Completion of the first phase of construction on the Higashimurayama Plant; system established to boost production of Milton Roy pumps and chempumps.
1961 June

Becomes a publicly listed company on the Tokyo over-the-counter stock market.

October Listing on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1962 March Company completes second phase of construction at the Higashimurayama Plant. Full-scale production of high-powered pumps begins.
1963 December Company establishes import and sales department for control-related devices and instruments.
1966 April

Development of MILFLO metering pump and start of production and sales.

1967 August First sales of dialysis machines.
1968 November

Company builds a new headquarters at 3-43-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; company renamed Nikkiso Co., Ltd.

1969 August Company completes development of Japan's first dialysis machines.
October Development of new type of Non-Seal pump, for which production and sales begin.
1970 August Start of sales of Sundyne pumps.
September Company obtains a license for technology used for DEB control (automatic control of large-capacity boilers for power plants) systems designed by Leeds & Northrup (now Measurement & Control Systems), USA.
October Company obtains a license for technology used for Sundyne pumps designed by Sundstrand Corporation, USA.
1971 February Listing on the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
1973 February Established Nikkiso Eiko Co., Ltd. for production and sales of general-purpose small pumps and filter systems.
October Established Nikkiso Deutschland GmbH in Germany (renamed Nikkiso Pumps Europe GmbH in June 2000).
December Company obtains a license for technology used for Gorman-Rupp pumps designed by the Gorman-Rupp Company, USA.
1974 September Completion of work on the Shizuoka Plant and R&D Center.
1975 May Founding of Nikkiso-Sundstrand Co., Ltd. (renamed Sundyne Nikkiso Company in April 2007) as a joint venture with Sundstrand Corporation, USA, for the production and sale of Sundyne pumps and compressors in Asia and Oceania. (Company is excluded from equity-method affiliates in October 2010)

Start of production and sales of dialyzers for dialysis machines.
1977 October Japanese name of Higashimurayama Plant changed (from Higashimurayama Kojo to Higashimurayama Seisakusho); company builds fluid technology and instrumentation factories.
1981 August Company builds plant for development of carbon fiber composite materials at the Shizuoka Plant site; begins production and sales of CFRP, etc.
1982 December Obtains a license for the technology from Leeds & Northrup (now Measurement & Control Systems) to produce digital computers for process control, as well as technology for controlling systems using these computers.
1984 February Wins approval to manufacture artificial pancreas.
May Nikkiso-YSI Co., Ltd. (renamed Nikkiso-Therm Co., Ltd. in June 2007) formed as a joint venture with Yellow Springs Instruments Company, USA (now MEAS Europe), to produce and sell precision thermistors.
October Japanese name of Shizuoka Plant changed (from Shizuoka Kojo to Shizuoka Seisakusho); company builds medical device factory and electronics factory.
1985 October Company establishes Nikkiso Tohoku Medical Co., Ltd. (Merged into Nikkiso in October 2013) for sales and servicing of Nikkiso medical products in the Tohoku region.
December Company obtains a license for the technology from Leeds & Northrup (now Honeywell Inc.) to manufacture Microtrac particle size analyzers and water analyzers.
1986 March Company licenses carbon fiber technology to Boeing Co., USA.
1987 January Obtains exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for J C Carter's submerged motor pumps for use with liquefied gas.

Company builds composite material factory at the Shizuoka Plant site.
1988 October Company establishes Nikkiso Ryuki Techno Co., Ltd. (Merged into Nikkiso in October 2013) to provide services for Nikkiso pumps and compressors.
1990 June Company establishes Nikkiso M.E.S. Co., Ltd. (Merged into Nikkiso in January 2011) to service Nikkiso medical products.
1991 July Company establishes Nikkiso Technica Co., Ltd. (Merged into Nikkiso in October 2013) to install and provide services for Nikkiso products for thermal and nuclear power plants, and various other industries.
1993 February Company establishes Taiwan Nikkiso Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with a local venture capital company to design, produce, and sell Nikkiso boiler water conditioning systems for thermal power plants in Taiwan.
1994 January Company establishes Shanghai Nikkiso Non-Seal Pump Co., Ltd. as a joint venture (now 100% subsidiary) with Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Co., Ltd., to produce, sell, and service Non-Seal pumps.

Company establishes M.E. Nikkiso Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with a local venture capital company to produce and sell medical devices in Thailand.
1995 April Completion of first phase of construction of Kanazawa Plant; completion of Soukei Kaikan exhibition hall.
September Company establishes Sung Chang Nikkiso Co., Ltd. (renamed Nikkiso Medical Korea Co., Ltd. in September 2007) as a joint venture with a local venture capital company to provide sales and technical support for dialysis machines and other medical products in Korea.
1996 June Company establishes Nikkiso LNG Testing, Inc. (renamed Nikkiso Cryo, Inc. in June 2000) in the USA.
1997 January Company establishes Nikkiso Medical GmbH (renamed Nikkiso Europe GmbH in October 2009) in Germany.
1998 December Completion of work on Higashimurayama Plant's comprehensive R&D Center.
2000 January Company establishes Microtrac, Inc. in the USA to develop new Microtrac particle size analyzers and strengthen sales.
February Company establishes Nikkiso Medical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to sell and service medical devices in Thailand.
November Company establishes Nikkiso Pumps Korea Ltd. to sell and service Non-Seal pumps and MILFLO pumps in Korea.
December Company establishes Nikkiso Pumps America, Inc. (Since being merged with LEWA Inc., it is renamed LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc. in January 2013) in Pennsylvania, USA, as a production and sales base for pumps in North America.
2001 February Company establishes Nikkiso Vietnam MFG Co., Ltd. to produce blood tubing lines for medical devices.
April Various changes introduced in management system, including establishment of in-house company system and executive officer system.
2003 March Company establishes Nikkiso Pumps Middle East in United Arab Emirates.
July Company establishes Shanghai Nikkiso Medical Products Trading Co., Ltd. (renamed Shanghai Nikkiso Trading Corporation in September 2009) as a joint venture (now 100% subsidiary) with Shanghai Medical Equipment Works to handle sales and repairs of dialysis machines in the Chinese market.
December Company establishes new logo and corporate statement.
2005 October Company merges Particle Solutions Unit, Industrial Equipment Unit and Instrumentation & Power Systems Unit as the Industrial Solutions Unit.
2006 May Company establishes Nikkiso America, Inc. to administer Nikkiso subsidiaries in North America and strengthen business.
July Company establishes UV Craftory Co., Ltd. as a joint venture for R&D, production, and sales related to ultraviolet LEDs.
Company establishes Stella UV Venture, Limited Partnership.
December Company establishes Nikkiso Medical Systems GmbH (merged into Nikkiso Europe GmbH in October 2009) in Germany for production and sale of Nikkiso medical devices in Europe.
2008 July Company establishes Nikkiso-KSB GmbH as a joint venture with KSB, Germany, to develop, produce, and sell canned motor pumps.
December Company establishes Nikkiso Vietnam, Inc. on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam as a production base for aircraft components. (Factory completed in January 2010)
2009 April Completed the organizational transition from a company system to a business headquarters system.
June Company establishes Nikkiso (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. as a regional headquarters (in China), business promotion, investment management and relevant management consulting for affiliates in China.
July Company establishes Nikkiso Technical Research Institute (renamed Hakusan Giken Co., Ltd. in January 2023) to research and develop Nikkiso products and manufacturing technology.
August Company acquires the German-based LEWA Group as part of its strategy to drastically strengthen the pump business. LEWA is the leading manufacturer of reciprocating pumps in the global oil and gas industry.

Company acquires all business operations of Tohnichi Computer Applications Co., Ltd. with the aim of strengthening particle analysis solutions business. Tohnichi Computer Applications has the largest share in the Japanese spray particle size analyzer market.
October Nikkiso Medical GmbH and Nikkiso Medical Systems GmbH merge in order to strengthen and increase the production efficiency of the medical equipment business in Europe. Nikkiso Medical GmbH becomes the surviving company, and changes its name to Nikkiso Europe GmbH.
December Company conducts public stock offering, allocation of new shares to third parties, and disposition of treasury stock, in order to repay debt incurred to finance the acquisition of the LEWA Group.
(Paid-in capital: JPY 6,544,339,191. Number of shares issued: 80,286,464)
2010 April Company refurbishes the Soukei Kaikan exhibition hall in the Kanazawa Plant.
May Company establishes Weigao Nikkiso (Weihai) Dialysis Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the China-based Weigao Group for the purpose of manufacturing, selling and maintaining dialysis machines based on Nikkiso's technology in China.
July Company begins official sales of all LEWA reciprocating pump systems in Japan.

Company accepts transfer of Fresenius Medical Care Japan's dialysis product marketing business in Japan in order to strengthen its dialysis business.

Company transfers all shares of Nikkiso Medical Korea Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary), the Company's dialysis product marketing subsidiary in South Korea to Germany-based Fresenius Medical Care.

2011 April Company obtains sales license for apheresis devices in Europe. Sales in Europe begin.
July Head office relocated to Yebisu Garden Place Tower.
November Nikkiso acquires BEL Japan, Inc., to strengthen its position as Total Solution Supplier in powder and granular material measuring systems.
BEL is the No.1 supplier of surface area measuring instruments in Japan, with special gaseous adsorption technologies.
2012 January Company refurbishes the exhibition hall in the Higashimurayama Plant.
September Weigao Nikkiso (Weihai) Dialysis Equipment Co., Ltd. obtains approval for manufacturing and sales of single patient hemodialysis machine in China. Shipment in China begins.
2013 July Company acquires the Geveke Group in the Netherlands in order to supply advanced solutions that combine pump and packaging technologies. Geveke specializes in packaged products that incorporate pumps and compressors as well as technical solutions services for the oil and gas industry.
December Completion of the new construction of Medical Products Factory and Aerospace Products Factory in Kanazawa Plant with the reorganization of production bases.
2014 January Company acquires CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) business of Baxter International Inc., USA. (These factories were opened in April 2014)
July Completion of Hakusan Factory for initial mass production of deep UV-LED.
October Particle Analytical Equipment Business integrates BEL Japan Inc. into a new company, MicrotracBEL Corp.
2015 February Company acquires Cryogenic pump business of Atlas Copco. in order to enhance Nikkiso group's leadership in the growing LNG industry, serving the global energy requirements for economical clean fuel.
2016 October Company creates a new Precision Equipment Business Division, responsible for electric power systems, ceramic components manufacturing equipment business, and particle characterization instrument business.
2017 March Company establishes Nikkiso Miyazaki Co., Ltd.
August Company acquires U.S.-based Cryogenic Industries Group which has world-class technological capabilities and high market share, mainly in the downstream field of the LNG sector and in the industrial gas processing and equipment field.
2018 October Completion of Aerospace factory and Administrative building in Nikkiso Miyazaki Co., Ltd.
November Company builds Hanoi No.2 factory in Nikkiso Vietnam, Inc. for expanding production capacity of aircraft components.
2019 July Company transfers all shares of MicrotracBEL Corp. and Microtrac, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary).
September Company establishes NKFG Corporation, a joint venture with the Formosa Plastic Group regarding deep UV-LED business.
2020 November Company establishes Nikkiso Medical America, Inc.
2021 January Completion of Industrial factory in Nikkiso Miyazaki Co., Ltd.
July Established the Medical Institute Research and Training, “M.ReT Miyazaki,” in Nikkiso Miyazaki Co.,Ltd.
November Clean Energy & Industrial Gases group (USA) invested in FirstElement Fuel, Inc, a California-based hydrogen operator.
2022 August Company transfers all shares of LEWA Group (Germany) and  Geveke B.V. (Netherland)
2023 January Reorganize Higashimurayama Plant into “Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology” and “Higashimurayama Office”.
  • Reorganize the Industrial factory into “Fluid technology center (in Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology)” and ”Fluid equipment production center (Higashimurayama Office)”.
  • Reorganize the Precision Equipment Factory into the “Precision Equipment Technical Center (in Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology)” and “Precision Equipment Production Center (Higashimurayama Office)”.
  • Established the Aerospace Technology Center in the Aerospace Division.
Change the name of Research & Engineering Institute (Shizuoka) to “Shizuoka Office”.