The Nikkiso Group is committed to giving back to the community as a responsible corporate citizen.

Science Workshop at Kanazawa Techno Park

Since 2010 the Kanazawa Plant has been co-hosting the annual science workshop at Kanazawa Techno Park jointly with the Kanazawa Kids' Science Center.*1 Designed to teach local elementary school and junior high school students how kidneys work, the workshop has been attended by a total of 44 students. Using a dialysis machine, the workshop features dialysis demonstrations, including experiments in which milk, muddy water, etc. are filtered in order to help participating students understand how the machine replaces part of the kidney's functions. We are sending a message that the dialysis machine, which has been made possible by advancements in science, is saving the lives of many around the world. We also hope that the science workshop will instill an interest in science and help nurture future scientists.

*1 Kanazawa Kids' Science Center is a foundation designed to provide an environment needed to instill an intellectual curiosity for science as well as outside-of-the-box-thinking needed for the education of the next generation.

Conservation Forests project of "Nikkiso Forest"

As part of commemorative projects for the 60th anniversary of foundation celebrated in 2013, Nikkiso is working on the forest conservation project of Nikkiso Forest, volunteer activities for reconstructing disaster-stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Borrowing a prefectural forest from Ohira Village in Miyagi Prefecture, the Company calls it "Nikkiso Forest." We have carried out tree thinning, improvement cutting and tree planting, developing walking trails semi-annually, in spring and fall, in order to make a place where the local people can relax. Each time we visit the disaster-stricken areas, we listen to real experiences of storytellers in such areas so as to promote better understanding of the Great Earthquake. Such activities were held for in October 2013 the first time and nine activities in total were held through 2018.

Places we have visited

  • Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 1: October 2013/Activity 2: May 2014)
  • Onagawa, Oshika District, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 3: October 2014/Activity 4: May 2015)
  • Minamisanriku, Motoyoshi District, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 5: October 2015/Activity 6: April 2016)
  • Yamamoto, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 7: October 2016)
  • Ohira, Kurokawa District, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 8: May 2017)
  • Shichigahama, Miyagi Prefecture (Activity 9: October 2017)

Kanazawa Techno Conservation Forests and Beautification Activities

The Kanazawa Plant belongs to the Kanazawa Techno Park Association organized by eight companies*2 operating in the Kanazawa Techno Park and Kanazawa City, and has been conducting conservation forests activities semi-annually, in spring and fall since 2007 as part of its environmental activities. Employees and their families of the companies that moved into the industrial park (Kanazawa Techno Park) where our Kanazawa Plant locates, have taken part in conducting conservation forests activities, such as tree thinning in a green belt (approximately 2 hectares) adjacent to the Techno Park Athletic Field, improvement of walking trails, and 350 people have so far taken part in various activities including tree thinning of cedars, oaks, etc., felling and crushing, putting walking trails and stairs in order, also putting in benches and birdhouses. The environment of forests as a whole has been protected by making additional improvements to forests each year. In 2011, in recognition of these activities, the Kanazawa Techno Park Association including the Company were certified as Ishikawa Satoyama (areas developed over many years by the agriculture and forestry industries of local inhabitants) ISO for groups that are practicing in activities to protect local communities, as well as satoyama and satoumi (coastal and marine areas that are connected with the lives and livelihoods of the local inhabitants).

Likewise, in spring each year since 2006, the Plant, in partnership with companies that moved into the Techno Park and local neighborhood associations, has also been carrying out beautification activities, such as picking up litter, weeding, etc. on the sides of Techno Park streets which employees of the Techno Park pass every day when commuting. In 2010, the Kanazawa Techno Park Association made a good manner declaration about cleanup activities for neighboring roads and environmental improvement to parks in the Techno Park in the Techno Park Athletic Field. This is the system in which Kanazawa City issues a registration certificate to a group that declares good manner based on the "Good manner practice city declaration" that has been adopted in the Kanazawa city council. The Association was the first industry association that received such registration certificate.

*2 Nikkiso Co., Ltd., Cambridge Filter Corporation, Shibuya Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, RICOH COMPANY, LTD., Shiko and Global Micronics Corporation.

Co-sponsoring the Kanazawa Marathon

As a local company operating a factory in Kanazawa City, Nikkiso has been co-sponsoring the Kanazawa Marathon since the first time it was held. Started in time for the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen service to Kanazawa, the Kanazawa Marathon is a popular public full marathon where participants get to run through the City of Kanazawa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.
Since the first time in 2015, Nikkiso employees participated in the event as volunteer support staff at water stops where they cheered on the runners as they raced to the goal.

*3 Not participating in 2020 because of measures to prevent infection

TFT Project

The Kanazawa Plant has been working with a non-profit organization, Table for Two (TFT), in a project where 20 yen is donated to children in developing countries to help pay for their school meals every time an employee buys a specific set meal or food. The idea is that when one meal is consumed in a developed country, another is donated to someone in a less developed country. At the Kanazawa Plant meals that meet the standard set by TFT, i.e. 730 kilocalories per meal, nutritionally balanced, and vegetable rich, are offered to help employees stay fit. The Kanazawa Plant has been participating in this project since 2011 and as of June, 2020 had donated more than 30,200 meals. We will continue to dig in together to deliver school meals to children around the world.


Donating Wheelchairs

Higashimurayama Plant employees collect aluminum cans and exchange them for wheelchairs through the Eco & Hello Campaign run by the Japan Beverage Group. Wheelchairs have been donated to the Higashimurayama City Council of Social Welfare and Higashimurayama Dainana Junior High School as well as for use at the plant.

Activities for registration of blood donors and bone-marrow banks

Each of our plants is conducting blood donation activities. So far, 5,068 blood donors in total have provided cooperation. In addition, the Kanazawa Plant is simultaneously conducting a campaign for registration of a bone-marrow bank.

Factory Tours

We invite local elementary school and junior high school students for tours of our plants.

Higashimurayama Plant Local junior high schools (job experience)
Kanazawa Plant Elementary schools in Kanazawa City