We continually work in light of the Nikkiso Environmental Declaration towards
achieving sustainable growth.

Environmental Declaration


Nikkiso's corporate philosophy is to contribute to the world using its original technologies, focusing on human life and the environment. Modern day society is in a stage of transition, seeking both harmony with nature and sustainable development. Nikkiso aims to grow and develop with society and offer technologies, products and services to help realize these objectives.

Action Guidelines

  1. We will strive to develop environmentally friendly products by conducting environmental impact and safety evaluations at the development and design stages.
  2. We will work to minimize the amount of waste and pollutants generated during production, distribution and disposal, and when providing services, and take appropriate measures to deal with such materials when produced. We will also work to conserve resources and energy.
  3. As well as following all environment-related laws, regulations and agreements, we will establish our own environmental management targets and strive to meet and surpass them.
  4. We will devote considerable resources to educating employees about environmental issues with the aim of establishing firmly in their minds the importance, as members of the company and society, of working to conserve the environment.

Environmental management systems (ISO14001)

Nikkiso has adopted a PDCA process (Plan - Do - Check - Action) to realize ongoing improvements to the environment via the environmental management systems.

To develop its environmental management systems, Nikkiso has adopted a process that involves studying the environmental aspects of Nikkiso operations, identifying any operations with a significant impact on the environment, formulating and implementing environmental management plans, and review by management. Nikkiso has received the following international standard (ISO14001 accreditation) for these systems.

Location Date of certification
Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology / Higashimurayama Office January 1991
Kanazawa Plant May 2000
Hakusan Factory December, 2017

Environmental Action Plan

We develop an environmental action plan at each of our business locations and work toward the specific goals set under the plan, which include the following.

Location Environmental Action Plan
Head Office Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Reduce environmental load from office activities
Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology / Higashimurayama Office Reduce total greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
Maintain or increase the waste reuse/recycling rate
(Reduce, reuse, and recycle waste)
Environmentally friendly business improvement
Conduct environmental education/training and give back to the community
Shizuoka Office Reduce copy paper purchase volume
Reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
Promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities
Compliance with laws and regulations and fulfillment of social responsibilities
Conduct environmental education and training and give back to the community
Kanazawa Plant Reduce resource and material consumption through environmentally friendly manufacturing
Reduce energy (greenhouse gas) consumption
Reduce waste and promote recycling through environmentally friendly manufacturing
Conduct environmental education and training and give back to the community
Promotion of improvement activities for environmenal impact of business activities