Basic Policy

We ensure timely disclosure of information through a fair, detailed, and simple manner in accordance with Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as the Timely Disclosure Rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We also make reasonable efforts to disclose information we deem useful in promoting a better understanding of our company. We maintain a constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors that will contribute to the sustainable growth of our company and enhance our corporate value over the medium- to long-term.

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

In order to maintain a constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, we do our best to respond to requests from shareholders and investors to have a dialogue. The board of directors appoints the director in charge of investor relations or the head of the department responsible for investor relations (currently the head of the Corporate Planning Department) to oversee overall dialogue with shareholders and engage in the following activities.

  1. Holding briefing sessions for analysts and institutional investors on a regular basis (twice a year), responding to daily requests for an individual meeting or phone interview, and providing easy-to-understand explanations to individual investors' inquiries
  2. Ensuring timely and appropriate information disclosure by working in close cooperation with the department responsible for investor relations (currently the Corporate Planning Department) as well as the administration division consisting of the general affairs, accounting, legal, and human resources departments, which all have information useful and necessary for maintaining a constructive dialogue with shareholders
  3. Regularly providing the Board of Directors and management with useful information, opinions, and advice obtained through a dialogue with shareholders
  4. Ensuring that insider information is centrally registered and managed by the Corporate Planning Department in order to prevent insider information from unintentionally being leaked through a dialogue with shareholders as well as observing a quiet period after the quarterly financial closing date and before the announcement of financial results in order to restrict dialogue concerning financial results.

Role of This Website

We provide a wide range of information via our website in order to help shareholders and investors gain a better understanding about our company. While we make information available on this website as soon as it is made public, communication line failures or other factors may cause a delay in publishing information on the website or prevent some of the information that has been made public from appearing on the website. Publicly disclosed information about our performance forecasts and outlook for the future may differ materially from actual results depending on our future business environment.