Environmental Initiative


Nikkiso's corporate philosophy is to contribute to the world using its proprietary technologies, focusing on “human life” and the “environment.” Modern day society is in a stage of transition, seeking both harmony with nature and sustainable development. Nikkiso aims to grow and develop with society and offer technologies, products and services to help realize these objectives.
To achieve these objectives, we announced the Nikkiso Environmental Declaration, composed of the philosophy and action guidelines, in 1998 and took our first step as a company to contribute to a recycling-oriented society.
The action guidelines, composed of four items, call for the development of environmentally friendly products, minimizing the amount of waste and pollutants generated in ecah process ranging from production to distribution and disposal, striving to meet and surpass our own environmental management targets, and the importance of striving to conserve the environment as a member of society by devoting considerable resources to educating employees about environmental issues.

Social Initiative


We are committed to tackling issues customers have and providing all technologies necessary for solving them so we can remain the company they always turn to. Our mission is to steadily provide products and services that are trusted by leading players in the markets where we operate around the globe. That's why quality is vital to us. On top of that we are making group-wide efforts to improve quality, cost, and delivery (QCD).


We believe that a diversity of perspectives and values reflecting different experiences, skills, and attributes across our corporate group will enable us to achieve sustainable growth. Moving forward in light of this belief, we are working to create a better working environment that will enable employees from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their gender or nationality, to realize their full potential along their desired career path.

<Efforts to Promote the Active Participation of Female Employees in the Workplace>

We are striving to develop frameworks and systems above and beyond those required by the law so that female employees can fully realize their capabilities while balancing childcare responsibilities and work commitments, including the provision of a child care leave system, shorter working hours system, and flex-time system. In addition, in order to support the smooth transition back to work from the child care leave, we hold a consultation meeting before returning to work.
In fiscal 2021, the number of our female employees decreased by 1 from the previous year, resulting in a female employee ratio of 26%.
Furthermore, the ratio of female employees in managerial positions at the end of fiscal 2021 decreased by 0.2 point to 4.4% compared to the end of the previous fiscal year. We also recognize as issues the low ratio of female employee in career-track positions and the lack of future female manager candidates.
On April 1, 2019 we drafted a new action plan in line with Japan's Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. This is part of our efforts to establish a framework that supports the career formation of female employees and we promote the hiring of female graduates assigned to career-track jobs.
We are implementing two initiatives to achieve this goal, specifically “Raise the hiring rate of female graduates assigned to career-track jobs to 20% or more” and “Create a working environment that enables both male and female employees to balance childcare and family nursing care responsibilities and work commitments.”

<Utilization and Development of Global Human Resources>

Recently, Nikkiso has expanded its business overseas and the number of overseas bases has grown accompanying this business expansion. The overseas sales ratio grew to 61% and the overseas employee ratio was 70% as of the end of fiscal 2020, and accordingly global human resources who serve as a bridge between business in Japan and overseas are essential. For that reason, we actively hire outstanding human resources regardless of nationality. In addition, we dispatch young employees to overseas bases as part of efforts toward human resource exchange within the Group.
Through these efforts, we aim to develop human resources who have a global perspective and are capable of proposing optimal solutions for customers around the world.


Nikkiso believes that no company is an island unto itself but rather a part of the communities where they are located. That's why we engage in community-based outreach activities and various support programs in Kanazawa, Higashimurayama, and Shizuoka where we operate Sites and Functions bases as well as at other locations.

Governance Initiative

Corporate Governance

Nikkiso has been striving to enhance its corporate governance structure to ensure that the decision-making process is transparent and fair while facilitating quick and bold decision-making. As a good corporate citizen, we share sound social ethics and values that enable us to build positive relationships with our stakeholders. At the same time we go the extra mile to touch people's lives with innovative technologies that no other company has. It is this overriding philosophy that will sustain our growth and enhance our corporate value over the medium- to long-term.