New Six-year Business Plan “Nikkiso 2025”

Nikkiso’s Medium-Term Business Plan “Nikkiso 2020” had been in effect from 2016 to 2019 and, during the 4-year period, we engaged in various challenging endeavors to achieve our future dreams.
Now that we have clarified our future growth trajectory by identifying promising business areas and reorganizing our business structure, we consider it necessary to take action based on new goals reflecting external environmental changes and global and domestic issues we identify. Therefore, we have prepared our new Six-year Business Plan “Nikkiso 2025” covering the period between 2020 and 2025.

Basic Strategies

We will implement the plan with a focus on the following basic strategies.

Enhance our technological ability and production system

Aim to enhance production efficiency and capacity in Japan, create an environment enabling technology and development teams to demonstrate their abilities, and cultivate higher level and efficient production ability and human resources.

Build an organization enabling globally integrated business promotion

Strengthen collaboration among group companies and manufacturing bases, and build regional production, sales, and technology frameworks.

Turn our strategies into achievements

Position of “Nikkiso 2025”

Strengthen our business bases by categorizing the first 3 years of the 6-year plan as Phase 1, and then make our existing investments successful and turn each strategy into an achievement in the latter half of the plan (Phase 2).