Formulation of Nikkiso 2020

The business environment Nikkiso operates in is becoming tougher and tougher due to the prolonged slump in oil prices, government cuts in medical spending, and other adverse factors.
In order to adapt to these changes in our operating environment and achieve further growth, we formulated Nikkiso 2020, our medium-term business plan running from FY 2016 through FY 2020.
We will use our outstanding technological capability as the foundation upon which we will reach new heights as a corporate group with solid earnings power.

Basic Strategies

We will implement the plan with a focus on the following basic strategies.

Re-establish Nikkiso as a technology expert

Provide products and services that meet the true needs of customers through prominent technological capabilities in each business as a world-class supplier.

Strengthen management bases and profitability for further growth

Reinforce structures that respond appropriately to changes in the business environment and the expanded business. Speed up strengthening each business' profitability and realizing returns on past investments.

Performance Targets

We aim for 200 billion yen in net sales and 20 billion yen in operating income (IFRS) for the fiscal year ending December 2020, the final year of the plan.