In August 2009, Nikkiso Co., Ltd. acquired all business conducted by Tohnichi Computer Applications Co., Ltd. ("Tohnichi"), which has the top share of the domestic spray particle size analyzer market.

This will strengthen the line of particle size analyzers that Nikkiso has been producing and selling. It will also promote our development of new markets for spray particle size analyzers, and global expansion by our domestic and overseas sales network. In particular, we predict that the overseas market for spray particle size analyzers will expand significantly in the future. Therefore, using the overseas sales network of our wholly owned U.S. subsidiary Microtrac, Inc., we are globally expanding our products that are currently sold exclusively in Japan.

Spray particle size analyzers use laser light to measure the particle size distribution of spray particles emitted into the air by automobile gasoline engines, jet engines for airplanes and spacecraft, medical sprays and other devices. They are commonly used at research and development institutions, such as major companies and universities.

One of the technologies that Tohnichi has developed is the "CT Laser Diffraction Spray Structure Analyzer" which analyzes the internal structure of the spray using CT (computer tomography) technology. This is the best/only device used in Japan to assess and test the quality of nozzles in fields such as automobiles, boilers, and liquefied natural gas.

The transfer of Tohnichi's outstanding measurement technologies and a variety of patents has made Nikkiso the only manufacturer in Japan producing spray particle size analyzers.
We intend to apply this technology to our own particle analyzers and consolidate our solutions business for particle characterization, and thus further improve our technological strength.

Nikkiso has continued to hold the largest share of Japan's laser particle size analyzer market for more than 30 years. In addition to particle size analyzers, our product portfolio includes zeta potential analyzers, image analysis, electron microscopes, surface area analyzers, and other devices, and we continue to take solid steps forward as a comprehensive manufacturer of particle characterization instruments.

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Spray Particle Size Analyzer
Aerotrac LDSA-SPR
CT Laser Diffraction Spray Structure Analyzer
CT Aerotrac LDCT-2000A