Deep UV-LEDs

Air Purification


Deep UV-LEDs (DUV-LED) can be used in these situations.

In aircraft and trains

Making the moving space safer, more secure, and comfortable

In the closed spaces where doors and windows are not opened for a long time, such as inside aircraft, trains, etc., the risk of air pollution increases. Regarding air purification means, ventilation with filters has been conventionally common, and practical realization of other methods such as UV mercury lamps, etc. was difficult, due to size and power consumption.

Deep UV-LEDs are compact, low power consumption, and when unitizing them with filters they can contribute to achieving safer, more secure, and comfortable spaces. Moreover, since it is mercury free, there are no harmful effects to humans.

At medical sites

Making every space in hospitals cleaner

In hospitals, all spaces such as waiting rooms, patient rooms, examination rooms, operation rooms, etc., must be kept clean to prevent infection. For that purpose, all means, such as filters, chemicals, UV mercury lamps, etc., have been used. However, there are both merits and demerits and, in particular, use of the UV mercury lamps, chemicals, etc. have been limited from the viewpoint of size and safety. Deep UV-LEDs, which are compact and mercury free, can significantly contribute to achieving cleaner hospital environments.

At homes, offices and hotels

Aiming for more comfortable spaces

Usually, air cleaners for homes and general purposes use filters only. However, in this system frequent cleaning and replacement of the filter itself become necessary. When using UV mercury lamps this task can be solved to some degree. However, miniaturization of the device was difficult.

By using Deep UV-LEDs in combination with the filters it is possible to achieve air cleaners that are compact but with higher space purification abilities.

Merits of purification by deep UV-LED

It is compact, low power consumption, mercury free,
and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Purification by ultraviolet rays has the advantage that ultraviolet rays definitely work to irradiate the target bacteria, and it also works on bacteria that is resistant to chemicals and heat because it does not allow the bacteria resistance properties.

Furthermore, it is compact, has low power consumption, and is mercury free, it can also be used for applications that were difficult for conventional ultraviolet mercury lamps, such as point of use, driving with low voltage power supply such as batteries, for food usage etc.

Comparison with the conventional method

  Operating voltage Life Warming-up time Environmental impact
Low pressure mercury lamp 100V 3,000 to 5,000 hours 600 sec. to Large
DUV-LED 8V 10,000 hours 0 sec. Low