Deep UV-LEDs

Water Purification


Deep UV-LEDs (DUV-LED) can be used in these situations.

At water purifying plants

For providing safer and more secure water

At water purifying plants, inactivation treatment of chlorine resistant bacteria (cryptosporidium, etc.) by ultraviolet rays is required, not only filtration and chlorine purification. Conventionally, the ultraviolet mercury lamp has been used for this treatment. However, since mercury is poisonous to the human body and also damaging to the environment, an alternative light source is desired.

By using Deep UV-LEDs, mercury free is achieved and safer and more secure water can be delivered. Furthermore, since long service life is also achieved at the same time, Deep UV-LEDs can also contribute to reducing environmental load.

At home, offices, restaurants

Making water cleaners more clean

Tap water in Japan is protected by the strictest standard in the world, and there is no problem in terms of water safety. However, when passing through piping and faucets, there is a risk of contamination. Accordingly, water cleaners are also becoming popular in Japan. However, the filters used for water purification in general water cleaners have lower performance than those used at water purifying plants, and furthermore, they deteriorate with each use.

By using Deep UV-LEDs for water cleaners, ultraviolet rays work well on bacteria that adhere to the filters. Moreover, with a long service life exceeding 10,000 hours, the risk of deterioration can be reduced, and frequent replacement also becomes unnecessary.

At any places where water passes

Keeping the places of concern clean, with precision

Even with sufficiently purified water, the risk of water contamination is high when it sits in piping or tanks for long periods. However, UV mercury lamps are large and not easily used for local purification. The common countermeasure for this was to discharge contaminated water by passing it through for a certain time period.

Deep UV-LEDs are more compact than mercury lamps and are suitable for point of use. It has features such as low power consumption and long life, and it is expected to be useful in every place water passes through, such as water servers, beverage vending machines, coffee makers, dental chairs, warm water washing toilet seats, and ice making machines.

Merits of purification by deep UV-LEDs

It is compact, low power consumption, mercury free,
and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Purification by ultraviolet rays has the advantage that ultraviolet rays definitely work to irradiate the target bacteria, and it also works on bacteria that is resistant to chemicals and heat because it does not allow the bacteria resistance properties.

Furthermore, it is compact, has low power consumption, and is mercury free, it can also be used for applications that were difficult for conventional ultraviolet mercury lamps, such as point of use, driving with low voltage power supply such as batteries, for food usage etc.

Comparison with the conventional method

  Operating voltage Life Warming-up time Environmental impact
Low pressure mercury lamp 100V 3,000 to 5,000 hours 600 sec. to Large
DUV-LED 8V 10,000 hours 0 sec. Low