Deep UV-LEDs

Nikkiso's Deep UV-LEDs Boasting the World's Highest Performance with Nobel Prize winners.

Research into Deep UV-LEDs began in 2006.

The pioneering research and development of the Blue LED received recognition,
and professor Akasaki of Meijo University and professor Amano of Nagoya
University were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.
In 2006 Nikkiso established UV Craftory Co., Ltd., which is a commercialization venture in Meijo University,
together with professor Akasaki and professor Amano, to seek further possibilities for the nitride semiconductor,
and endeavor to put it into practical use in Deep UV-LEDs with the guidance of the two professors.

Dr. Isamu Akasaki
Dr. Isamu Akasaki
Tenured professor at Meijo University
Special professor and Emeritus professor of Nagoya University
Doctor Hiroshi Amano
Dr. Hiroshi Amano
Professor at Nagoya University

Mass-production development of the Deep UV-LEDs with the world's highest output was successful.

Both the light output and long service life of 1.7 times of
conventional products were achieved.

After launching sample sales of Deep UV-LEDs in 2012, we have made repeated technical improvements
in order to respond to the demands of the market, which desires further higher output.
Then, in October 2015, we succeeded in development of mass production technology for Deep UV-LEDs with
a light output of 50 mW (1.7 times that of conventional products),
which was the world's highest output, and with a product life of more than 10,000 hours.

Specialized in the LED business with wavelengths of 250 nm to 350 nm

Deep UV-LEDs developed in 2015
Deep UV-LEDs developed in 2015
The top performance in the world was achieved.
The top performance in the world was achieved.

Ultraviolet rays are light with a wavelength shorter than 400 nm.
LEDs in this range are those with a wavelength of 250 nm to 400 nm, and are called
the "Ultraviolet LED (UV-LED)." Nikkiso provides LEDs of 250 nm to 350 nm wavelengths,
and among them we specialize in deep ultraviolet with a wavelength of 280 nm or less.
Deep UV-LEDs are considered to have superior characteristics as light sources for
purification of water and air, resin curing, photocatalyst, etc., compared with conventional products.

Nikkiso possesses the development and
manufacturing base dedicated to Deep UV-LEDs.

Design, development, and manufacturing of Deep UV-LEDs and their modules are performed
in Hakusan Factory in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The luminous wavelength of Nikkiso's Deep UV-LEDs is within the deep UV range of 255 nm to 350 nm,
and the luminescence intensity as well as the product life has reached the highest level in the world.

Information about the Hakusan Factory is here.

Matching the optical characteristics and fluid characteristics, which accelerates practical realization

Taking advantage of synergy with Nikkiso's existing business

The water purification module, which is one of the application products of Nikkiso's Deep UV-LED,
controls water flow with our unique fluid control technology,
and optimizes the optical characteristics and fluid characteristics by matching them.
By this operation, LED light use efficiency is increased to the maximum value and
high purification performance is achieved.
We have provided products in various areas and gained technical know-how
such as equipment design and simulation technology for fluids, technology for stabilizing structures and
processing, analysis of powder and granular materials, safe design for medical equipment.
We will pursue further applications for Deep UV-LEDs by taking advantage of synergy with the conventional business.

Main application areas of Deep UV-LEDs

Deep UV-LED's technology brand

In order to provide Deep UV-LEDs with a high level of reliability and quality, we have decided to use the brand name 「SumiRay」 for the Deep UV-LEDs that meet our standards. In addition, we will continue to develop products under the brand name of "AEROPURE TECHNOLOGY", which is our original disinfection and deodorization technology based on the fusion of the Deep UV-LED (SumiRay) and photocatalytic technology.

Deep UV-LED‘s technology brand ”SumiRay”
Deep UV-LED‘s technology brand ”SumiRay”
New generation air purifying technology ”AEROPURE TECHNOLOGY”
New generation air purifying technology