Precision Equipment

Nikkiso's technologies are used widely in a variety of industries, including paper manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical products, and power generation plants supporting important social infrastructure and electronic device parts used in smart phones, tablets and PCs.

Nikkiso's core technologies support lifestyles and industry.

Water-Conditioning Systems for Power Plants

We draw on our extensive knowledge to provide to total engineering service including system planning, design, manufacturing, installation, operational adjustments for start-up, and after-sales service.

  • Thermal power plant
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Geothermal power plant

Ceramic Substrate Production Systems

We provide "Warm Isostatic Laminators" that are widely used as industry standard systems and offer total solutions in the multilayer device manufacturing process.

  • Ceramic devices
  • Semi-
    conductors and other electronic parts
  • Lithium-

3D Sintering Equipment "3D Sinter DS Series"

The "3D sintering equipment" is a system that uses our unique 3D press method to sinter bond SiC chips to substrates in the process of bonding SiC power semiconductors, which are rapidly being adopted for use in EVs.
The three-dimensional press using the special elastomer enables uniform batch bonding of chips of different heights to substrates, thus enabling more efficient and higher quality module manufacturing than the conventional metal press method that presses on a flat surface.

  • Auto-
  • Semi-
    conductors and other electronic parts

Cold Isostatic Press

Ceramics powder and metal powder are poured into a rubber molding, submerged in a pressure container, and then compressed at a maximum water pressure of 400 MPa to densify the material. The system can form complex shapes that cannot be compressed with a single-shaft press or mechanical press, depending on the action.

  • Bio
  • Auto-
  • Battery


PPC air drier manufactured in the U.S. by SPX FLOW TECHNOLOGY can remove moisture in compressed air and deliver dry air with a -40 to -70°C dew point under pressure.

  • Food
  • Auto-
  • Pharmace-
    utical products