Heated Dryer

DEA heated dryers are used for dehumidification and drying of instrument air and air for drive and process.


  • Minimizing the heat loss by adopting an internal heated structure
  • The maximum purge air is 3%. The average purge amount is 1 to 2%.
  • Heating and purge amounts are controlled by an AMLOC energy saving system according to the flow load.
  • The running cost is 1/5 to 1/2 of that of the heatless type.

Heated dryers have a low purge but the heaters consume more power consumption. Do you think this is true?
Both purge and heater use less electric power. Those are features of DEA energy saving dryers.

* Operation conditions of the trend
An inlet pressure of 0.69 MPa, an inlet temperature of 37.8°C, an outlet flow of 25 Nm3/min, an outlet dew point of -70°C (under atmospheric pressure) with a refrigerated air dryer used (primary dehumidification)

Reference specifications

Dew point temperature -40°C, -70°C (under atmospheric pressure)
Inlet air flow 1 to 156 Nm3/min
Inlet air pressure 0.41 to0.98MPa
Inlet air temperature 10 to 49°C