Dry-laminator (press machine with elastic head)

Dry-Laminator (Dry-type press with special elastic head)
Uneven substrate or cavity package can be pressed under vacuum condition in a dry atmospherics.
The system can be used for bonding multichip.


  • Simultaneous bonding of mounted electronic components (flip-chip package)
  • Voidless lamination of sealing resin
  • Compression forming of ceramic substrate with cavity
  • Thermal compression bonding of LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) module substrate for low transmission loss application.


  • Uniform pressurization (Using a special elastomer for press head, Dry-Laminator enables uniform pressurization that cannot be achieved by a conventional mechanical press.)

Reference specifications

Maximum surface pressure 10MPa
MaximumTemperature 300°C
Work size 400mm
Dimensions 1,590(W) × 1,990(H) × 2,035(D)mm

Performance comparison

Example of mounting an elastic head to the existing press

Operation and principles