Hi-Puncher is a simultaneous punching system with a pair of metal cast to handle large-sized Green sheet at high speed.


  • LED package
  • Large-sized substrates
  • Antenna module


  • Adaptable to large-sized sheets up to □400 mm
  • High-precision finishing by batch machining with high-precision mold
  • High-speed machining improving production capacity
  • Adaptable to fine patterns and specially shaped holes
  • Easy tooling change

Principle of batch mold

Demonstration equipment specifications

MODEL GP4040-54S
System thrust force 540kN
Cycle time Approx. 90 seconds * Varies on work condition.
Drive system

Hydraulic servo system

Work area □245 mm × / □390 mm
Dimensions 1,350 (W) × 1,600 (H) × 1,820 (D) mm
* excluding protruding portion