Hi-Stacker is automatic stacking equipment for Green Sheet with high accuracy at high speed. In addition to peeling PET function according to sheet characteristics, it is adaptable to voidless lamination of functional films.


  • Stacking process of multilayer ceramic electronic components (sheet to sheet).
  • Stacking process of LTCC (Low-temperature co-fired ceramics).
  • Voidless lamination process of functional film.
  • Stacking process of electrode layers for All-Solid-State Batteries


  • High accuracy stacking ensuring ±10 µm
  • High-speed stacking with a cycle time of 20 sec. (press time is not included)
  • Stacking under vacuum for purging air between layers
  • Flexible design to match customer needs.

Example of sheet stacking

Standard operation flow

* Double stacking stages model is available to reduce cycle time further.

Standard specifications

Process sheet specifications

Sheet specifications Ceramic green sheet (with PET film on the back side)
Sheet size Dimensions: □150 to 200 mm × t 10 to 300 µm
PET film thickness 30 to 100 µm