We contribute to R&D of new materials in ceramics, semiconductors, metals and biotechnology, etc.

Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) compresses and forms powders with isostatic pressure inside a pressure vessel using water as a pressure medium. Nikkiso adopts PIN Closure construction which is used worldwide and have over 40 years of manufacturing experience.


  • Artificial bone
    Artificial dental materials
  • Plug
    DPF filter
  • Fuel battery
    All-solid state secondary battery
    Anode material for Solar cells
  • Thermistor

  • SAW filter
    Target material
    Quartz, Crystal
  • Carbide tool
  • Superconductive material
    Heat storage ceramic
  • Heater
    Corrosion-resistant ceramic material
  • Optical cable, seal ring, special metal filter, insulator, carbon material, phosphor material, resin material

Product Lineup