Electrical conductivity meter 9792 model

The 9792 model electrical conductivity meter is a measuring instrument designed for measuring the electrical conductivity in solutions used in boiler plants and pure water manufacturing systems on-line.


  • Compact and lightweight (DIN96 size).
  • Powered by a free power supply of 90 to 264 volts AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Allowing the checking of electrical conductivity and temperature at the same time.
  • Temperature compensation is done by high precision microprocessor computation.
  • Temperature can be measured from -5 to 120°C.
  • Equipped with a cell constant adjustment function.
  • Facilitates adjustment even when a cell is replaced.
  • Capable of arbitrary settings within the measurement range with an upper and lower limit adjustment contact.
Measurement range 0 to .2000/2.000/20.00 µS/cm, cell constant 0.01 cm-1
0 to 2.000/20.00/200.0 µS/cm, cell constant 0.1 cm-1

0 to 20.00/200.0/2000 µS/cm, cell constant 1 cm-1

0 to .2000/2.000/20.00 mS/cm, cell constant 10 cm-1
Adaptable to SI unit if designated.
Measurement interval Continuous measurement
Power source

AC 90 to 264 volts AV, 50/60 Hz (free power source): approx. 10 VA

Outer dimensions

Monitor: 96 (H) × 96 (W) × 105 (D) mm

Electrical conductivity meter 7085 model

The 7085 model monitor is a digital electrical conductivity monitor. This meter is a compact multi-function monitor (DIN96 size) capable of measuring a maximum of two spots.
In combination with 4985 model electrical conductivity cell, this meter is capable of measuring the electrical conductivity in a wide range from pure water to chemicals.


  • Two inputs and two outputs in one unit (CH2 is optional).
  • Equipped with a display using large-sized letters that making viewing easy.
  • Provided with a small digital monitor measuring 96 mm per side.
  • Facilitating input by dial.
  • Powered by a free power supply of 100 to 240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Featuring a self-diagnostic function for error indication.
  • 7085 model monitor can be used in combination with the 4973 cell.
    (Contact us separately for combination of cell controller and range)
Measurement range 0-10 µS/m to 0-200 mS/m (0-0.1 µS/cm to 0-2000 µS/cm)

Power source

AC100 to 240VAC,50/60Hz,6VA (100VAC)
Outer dimensions Monitor: 96 (H) × 96 (w) × 138.7 (D) mm
(panel cut 92 mm × 92 mm)