Our business scale is newly expanded to the blood purification field, perioperative and emergency field, and further to the surgery field with our original technology and know-how.

What Nikkiso contributes for patients

Nikkiso has been leading Hemodialysis in Japan for
about 50 years

As a pioneer of dialysis machines, Nikkiso has been moving forward with the development of Hemodialysis .
In order to propose a comfortable therapeutic environment for everyone who requires Hemodialysis, operations from development, manufacturing and sales, to maintenance are performed consistently at the Nikkiso Group. We promise to continue providing new proposals to customers, while making products with the best reassurance and reliability.

What is Hemodialysis?

In 1969
We achieved Japan's first domestic production of the dialysis machine

The first domestically manufactured Keel type dialysis machine, BN model

Our market share of dialysis machines is more than
50% in Japan

We will provide
Hemodialysis solutions
all over the world

Since we developed a dialysis machine that conforms to the European new standard in the 1990s, our products have been used all over the world.

By utilizing the know-how accumulated through Hemodialysis

To the new blood purification field

We contribute to the medical
treatment of acute kidney
injury by CRRT

What is CRRT?

We are helping in the medical
treatment of ulcerative colitis,
etc. by apheresis

What is Apheresis?

To the surgery field

With the microwave surgical instruments Acrosurg.,
we contribute to the alleviation of surgical operation loads

To the secret story of Acrosurg. development

What are Surgical Energy Devices?

We contribute to
improved prognosis in
patients using the
artificial pancreas

What is the Artificial Pancreas?