POINT1 What are surgical energy devices?

In the surgery field, various medical operations are performed. During surgery, instruments that emit energy such as high frequencies, ultrasonic waves, microwaves are used. This energy interacts with living tissue and turns into heat, which cuts tissue and organs while cauterizing to stop bleeding from the incision. Surgical energy device is a generic term for these surgical instruments.

POINT2 Features and effects of Acrosurg.

Acrosurg. is a surgical device that uses microwaves as an energy source. There are two types of its tip; the scissor type and tweezer type.
Microwaves heat tissue by vibrating water molecules contained in the tissue, and performs uniform coagulation.
Acrosurg. is the only surgical instrument in the world with the ability perform and hemostasis by microwave, and the tip of the scissor type is suitable for incisions. With these functions, we can consistently use instruments in many situations throughout surgery, including changing procedures such as coagulation and hemostasis, incisions, etc., which traditionally required changing surgical instruments. It is expected that the hassle of changing instruments will be eliminated and lead to shorter surgery times.


POINT3 About the Acrosurg. business

Domestic sales began in April 2017. Presently, examples of clinical use are increasing in the surgical field of the digestive system, thyroid gland, urinary organs, etc., and it is coming to be used for surgeries in various other fields.
It is the only surgical instrument of its kind in the world and has received a great deal of attention from surgical academia in all fields. Entry into the surgical field is considered as an important business that will support Nikkiso in the future. We are accumulating real achievements in Japan, and are aiming for sales overseas in the near future.