NIKKISO Co., Ltd. has manufactured the artificial pancreas for over 30 years. In Japan, clinical diagnosis and treatment with this equipment, has been conducted in over 15000 cases. Our Nikkiso worked with Osaka Univ. group and launched the SMG-11A of Blood glucose monitor and with further development, we established STG-11A,
STG-22 and brand-new model STG-55. The Artificial Pancreas is a feedback controlled instrument regulating insulin /glucose delivery on a minute-by-minute basis according to measured blood glucose levels. It has been proven to be useful not only as an elegant research tool for investigating the life-style related disease,especially diabetes also as the therapeutic tool for tight glycemic control in ICU or critical care.The Artificial Pancreas of Nikkiso is the sole device on the market.

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  • Size(mm): 375 (W) x 425 (D) x 1350 (H) Slim line model
  • Weight (kg) : 36
  • New blood glucose sensor (Sable and easy to setup)
  • Simple assembly (tubing set for blood glucose monitoring)
  • Priming function and battery installed
  • Algorithm for insulin and glucose infusion based on clinical experience of more than 20 years
  • Guidance function for preparation installed
  • Data display: Integrated user-friendly touch panel monitor


Name Item Number Quantity Reference
Glucose sensor SES-55 series 5Set/box Single use / Role in blood glucose monoitr
Drainage Bag DS-W55 series 5Set/box Single use / Role in storage of drain
Baffer solution RS-D3 series 5Set/box Single use / Role in dilution of the blood sampling
Glucose Standard solution RS-G200 series 5Set/box Single use / Calibration solution(200mg/dL) for glucose sensor
Measurement Tubing FT-0X
5Set/box Single use / Role in blood sampling tubing
FT-11 series 5Set/box Single use / Synthesize a sample solution for blood glucose measurement
Infusion Tubing FT-2X series 5Set/box Single use / Saline,insulin and glucose solution infusion tubing