Product Lineup

Centrifugal Pump
TC-34 / TC-34.2 (Submerged Motor Pumps)

TC-34.2 pump is specifically designed with efficiently hydraulic and lowest NPSHR.

Centrifugal Pump
VT (Submerged Motor Pumps)

VT (Vertical Turbine) Pumps are specifically designed for high flow rates of LNG as well as meeting high differential head requirements. Due to its greatest efficiency (70&<), VT pumps are well selected at LNG bunkering, Peak shaving, Receiving Terminal.

Centrifugal Pump
AC-32 (Vertical Sealless Pumps)

Sealless design minimizes maintenance requirements. Multi-frequency motor provides an efficient and broad range of operation and power.

Centrifugal Pump
AC-18 / AC-21 (Transfer Pumps)

AC-18 is compact and lightweight model. Bearing housing designed for well service, heavy duty applications.
AC-21 is Belt drive design and bearing purge ports are provided for liquid oxygen applications.

Reciprocating Pump
SGV (High Pressure Pumps)

Modular, compact displacement pumps available in 1, 2, or 3 cylinder configurations provide a wide range of flows.
Vacuum jacketed cold end for minimal cooldown losses and economical operation, ideal for liquid hydrogen.

Reciprocating Pump
P2K (Vertical Pumps)

Vertical pump design eliminates gravitational loading on the piston, extending sealing ring life and providing smoother suction valve operation.
Vertical installation offers less vibration, reduced noise, and a compact system footprint

Reciprocating Pump
SLS (High Flow & High Pressure Pumps)

Better than 30-to-one turndown ratios allows for a wide range of operating parameters. Non-Key Polygon Design reduces drive end failure risk due to shaft key.

High Pressure Pumps for Marine Applications

This is a system in which reciprocating pumps, vaporizer, various valves, and instrumentations are packaged. Supplies high-pressure natural gas to the engines of LNG-fueled vessels.