High-precision injection pumps adaptable to a wide range of flow rates, pressures and applications


With the best diaphragm sealing technologies, these reciprocating pumps are capable of injecting liquids to processes with a high degree of discharge accuracy at high pressure without causing leakage.

Main features

  • High discharge accuracy
  • A wide turn down ratio
  • A wide selection from tiny flow to huge flow
  • Maximum allowable pressure up 120MPa
  • A Diaphragm Condition Monitoring System is provided
  • Compliant with international and national standards
  • Sanitary/hygienic designs are available optionally

Construction of Liquid end

Stroke length adjustment


With the edge of engineering response capability and reliability based on long years of rich accomplishments as well as the accomplishment of a high degree of injection accuracy and a long service life, the pumps are used in a wide variety of fields such as petrochemical, petroleum refinery, electric power, pharmaceutical, water supply and sewerage, and industrial liquid waste treatment.

PICK UPFlexible liquid mixing by precision control

With LEWA-specific intelligent drive technology, the servo motor controls the piston movement with its position information and has complex control over the discharge flow of the reciprocating pump. A duplex or triplex system allows for pulseless flow Both hydraulic diaphragm pumps and mechanical diaphragm pumps are available.


  • Multi-function mixing of two liquids
  • Feeding high-viscosity liquid
  • Precision filling
  • Wide turndown ratio

Mixing two liquids with one pump

The an intelldrive pump can suck liquid 1 and liquid 2 in sequence and discharge the mixed liquid. The liquid mixing ratio can be adjusted with the controller. The discharge of liquid mixture can be adjusted with the speed pump.

Feeding high-viscosity liquid

The unit is capable of sucking high-viscosity liquid slowly and discharging quickly. Unlike conventional pumps, a large pump head is not required.

When the discharge fluctuates
For variable flow range

Downtime can be minimized in extrusion molding and other fields.

Product Lineup

Ecoflow pump utilizing the latest diaphragm technology

The innovative and universal metering pump with a Diaphragm Protection System (DPS)

<Performance range>

  • Maximum flow per pump head: 34 m3/h
  • Maximum operation pressure: 120 MPaG
  • Safe operation with DPS
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Adaptable to a wide range of application

With the consistently further developed ecoflow series an optimal and customized design for almost every application can be configured from the abundance of standardized components. Therefore it is possible to offer the top quality at a marketable price. We can offer the best solutions to any technical requirements based on over 50 years of experience.

High-flow high-pressure triplex

World's largest diaphragm process pumps. Triplex pumps for high-flow high-pressure process service with a sandwich diaphragm (with breakage detector) to ensure safety operation. Both space-saving mono-block types and building-block types are available.

Steady flow pulse-less pump

The pumps in the pulse-less series feature pulse free operation and high-precision discharge flow with the use of designed cam drive and fine-tuned check valve.

Versatile Milflo pump

The MX series pumps deliver optimum performance with various uses of injecting chemicals such as coagulant, assistant, neutralization reagent, and sterilizer.

  • Steady State Accuracy: within ±0.5%
  • Diaphragm condition Monitoring available
  • Discharge volume can be adjusted by automatic control
  • Motor can be installed both vertically and horizontally

Ecodos pump for contamination free safe operation

The unit is a direct-acting high-quality diaphragm metering pump. Its PTFE diaphragm has a four-layer structure, ensuring a high degree of safety and sealability. Multi plex pump arrangement is also available.

<Performance range>

  • Maximum flow per pump head: 1.5 m3/h
  • Maximum operation pressure: 2.0 MPaG

Hygienic pumps with improved

Cleanability Designed to reduce dead space to a minimum and surface-finished smoothly by electrolytic polishing to improve its detergency performance, the unit can be Capable of CIP and SIP with better cleanability by minimized dead volume and electro polished smooth surface.This models is suited to application in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

High-precision micro flow pumps for extremely low flow

Driven by a solenoid motor, the pump has high discharge accuracy even at an extremely low flow rate. With a metal diaphragm employed as standard, the pump is capable of handling high-pressure fluids. JIS explosion proof certification available.

Simply-structured/plunger pumps

For handling non-toxic and non-corrosive liquids, a simply structure/plunger pump is most desirable in terms of efficiency. Designed to push out the pumped liquid directly by the plunger, the unit delivers a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Intellidrive capable of controlling the discharge flow at will

The servo motor controls the action of the piston with freedom and has complex control over the discharge flow by obtaining accurate stroke location information. A double or triple headed pump system allows for pulse free operation. Both hydraulic diaphragm pumps and mechanically actuated diaphragm pumps are available.


Blue, Green: Conventional diaphragm pump 1, 2 (duplex pump)
Orange, Pink: Pump 1 and 2 with intelligent drive technology (two units)

By controlling two pumps with intelldrive technology, it is possible reduce the pulsation in comparison to the conventional triplex pump.