Taking advantage of the performance of our high-precision metering pumps, the units are optimally-designed systems tailored to customers' needs


Combining the pump with a flow meter and a controller, our metering pump system realizes high reliability and self-monitoring features. To solve customers' problem concerning about injection and mixing fluid, we provide solutions by customized systems for each customer and each project.

Main features

  • Utilizing full advantage of the pump's ability
  • Optimum piping design according to the installation area
  • Broadened pump lineup
  • Customized design

Control example

Introduction example

Wide usage of metering and dilution of chemicals, and addition and mixing of additives

  • Chemical injection unit
  • Ammonia injection
  • Dilution of acid
  • Surface-active agent injection
  • Metering
  • Organic solvent injection
  • Additive injection
  • Softening agent mixing

PICK UPOne of the largest FPSO-specific injection systems in the Nikkiso Group

  • 40 or more pumps in conformity with the API675 standard
  • Maximum discharge pressure: 38.5 MPa
  • Dimensions: 21.3 × 20 × 10 m
  • Overall piping length: 2,700 m
  • Weight: 714 t
  • Number of tanks: 18

Working pumps