Comprehensive partnership agreement for collaborative research with University of Miyazaki

On November 28, 2016, Nikkiso concluded the Comprehensive partnership agreement for collaborative research with University of Miyazaki. This is not the agreement between a department in a company and a research division of a university, but it is an agreement by which Nikkiso and University of Miyazaki comprehensively work together. By creating a cross-disciplinary research system, we will promote matching of seeds and needs from a wide range of academic fields, aiming to create innovation through industry and university collaboration. In addition, all of our business areas such as industrial business, precision equipment business, aerospace business and medical business are scheduled for joint research.

Signing Ceremony at Miyazaki University
Signing Ceremony at Miyazaki University

Example of development results and collaborative research

In technical development, importance is given to collaboration with universities, public agencies, business partners, and cooperation with various researchers as well as organizations.

Distribution of alliance partner universities for collaborative research

Deep UV-LEDs

Light source of the next generation that will enable water disinfection at 120 ℓ/min They are expected to become the alternative to mercury lamps.

Development case example 1——Deep UV-LEDs for Quick Water Disinfection

Microwave surgical instruments 'Acrosurg.'

Groundbreaking microwave surgical instruments, a world first It improves safety, speeds up surgery, and contributes to alleviate the load of both the operator and patient.

Development case example 2——Acrosurg., a Microwave surgical instruments