Taking on challenges no one else can and, and creating new markets

At Nikkiso, we have been aggressively challenging problems no one else can, such as the artificial dialysis machine for the first time in Japan, as well as the array of parts and components for aircraft made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) for the first time in the world, etc., then producing many technologies as well as products, and creating market that didn't exist before. Presently, Nikkiso's products have a high market share in various fields around the world, and our customers continuously evaluate our unique technologies, ideas, and high quality highly.

The starting point is the core research and development, "Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology." In the Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology, the environment for enabling consistent and effective activities from basic research, through component development to product development and design, is created. Moreover, it undertakes the very important role of improving the engineers by learning from others, and improvement of technical skills throughout Nikkiso, like a "training hall" for the cultivation of engineers.

Aggressively challenging difficult tasks and leading the society

The deep UV-LEDs that our company has been promoting the development and commercialization of are expected to be successful in a wide range of industrial fields, from industrial and environmental sanitation, to medical fields such as disinfection of bacteria and virus in the air and water, printing, painting, resin cure, as well as being a light source for analytical devices, etc. Nikkiso succeeded in product development of the practical realization level for the first time in the world, and also succeeded in mass production of the deep UV-LEDs with the world's highest output of 50 mW in 2015.

Aggressively challenging difficult tasks and leading society is the mission of Nikkiso. Going foward, our company will focus on research and development in the entire group as "technology expert Nikkiso," such as through the evolution of existing products as well as new product development, etc., and will continuously contribute to the society, with technical power.

Director, Executive Officer
General Manager, Nikkiso Institute of Research and Technology
Yoshihiko Kinoshita