Turbidity meter 7050A

The 7050A model turbidity meter is a measuring instrument designed to continuously measure the turbidity of the condensate and feed-water used in thermal power plants. Easy-to-operate and excellent in maintainability.


  • Easy-to-operate icons.
  • Conforming to "9.4 Integrating sphere turbidity" in JIS K 0101.
  • Preventing dirt on the cell with an automatic cleaning system.
  • Provided with a self-diagnostic alarm.
  • Ready for diverted uses for conventional 7048 model detector. (Plant adjustment is necessary in the case of diverted use.)
Measurement principle Integrating sphere turbidity method
Measurement range 0 to 0.5/0 to 5 mg/L
Power source AC 100 to 120V, 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power

Maximum of 150 W

Outer dimensions Monitor: 144 (W) × 144 (H) × 426 (D)
Detector: 427 (W) × 366 (H) × 200 (D)